Where You Were Born

Yesterday we moved the last box from the little one-bedroom apartment our daughter was born in. The Lord provided that apartment in our great time of need. Our daughter took her first steps in that kitchen, while her Mamma prepared dinner. Sophia spoke her first words within it’s walls. After cleaning the old apartment yesterday, I looked around, seeing it as I had on our first walk-through: an empty and clean slate. All traces of the countless meals in front of that large window gone. The smell of my wife’s Beef Bourgeon replaced by the fragrance of cleaning chemicals. In that moment I thanked God for providing such a beautiful home for us. I thanked Him for filling our home with joy and gladness. I thanked Him for filling it with the joy that is birthed through suffering. I am thankful.


2 thoughts on “Moved

  1. You just made me cry at my desk. I am so thankful for your beautiful family. I can’t wait to come visit you in your new home. Maybe we can eat some of that beef bourgeon there too.

    Thank you for the reminder that joy is birthed through suffering.

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