Ronald Edward Santo, 1940 – 2010

A great light has gone out. Come spring, I will miss the radio voice that consistently expressed the emotions of the listening fan. His voice was truly our voice. Listening to the Cubs radio broadcast was like watching the game with a close friend who is sharing the lows and highs of such a turbulent ball club. I am thankful for so many years of this gift of summer. I am thankful to have once spent two and a half innings in the same room with this man. I am sad that my child will grow up in a world where he isn’t. I am thankful to have the job of teaching them about our beloved “Number 10.” Ronnie, we miss you. It won’t be the same without you. You will be in our thoughts, in the words of Eddie Vedder, “..when the day comes with that last winning run, and I’m crying and covered in beer..I’ll look to the sky and know I was right to think someday we’ll go all the way.” And if someone hasn’t said it yet, this one is for Ronnie: THIS IS THE YEAR!


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