These past few weeks have been spent in the uncomfortable limbo of joy and sorrow. Joy for whats ahead mixed with the pain of leaving good things behind. Saying goodbye has been the theme of these “brief hours and weeks.”

Goodbye Des Moines. Family and friends are what made you my home.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. Because I am the way I am, I’ve thought of pretty much everything that this T.V. stands for – all the while questioning what YOU meant by it!
    TransVestite – probably not. TeleVision – less so not. TeleEvangelist -not so likely. TeleologicalVision – possibly, but also not likely. Tub o’ Vagabond – more likely.
    I’ve been through a lot more, but what exactly do you mean by posting this photo?

  2. In war zones, journalists traveling through dangerous areas would write the letters “T.V.” on their roof and windows, to communicate to the ones with guns that they are members of the media, and not the enemy.

    This is a picture of my old van, dubbed the Corespondent. I bought it a week before leaving for Bosnia, two years ago.

    I said good bye to her the day before I moved to Texas.

  3. I thought it was a blender, turned upside down, with not-so-recently blended tomato puree stuck to the inside of it. I didn’t even notice the T.V. until Pilgrim pointed it out. Now I’m just sitting here wondering what all that means about me?

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