Books And Such

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I have accrued a reading list within the past two months. Yes this list is in order. Yes I am intimidated by City Of God.

-I Believe, Alister McGrath

-An Outline Of An Anglican Life, Louis R. Tarsitano

-A Rationale Upon the Book Of Common Prayer, Anthony Sparrow (online)

-Evangelical Is Not Enough, Thomas Howard

-Genuine Godliness and True Piety, Peter Toon.

-English Spirituality, Martin Thorton.

-Recalling the Hope of Glory, Dr. Allen Ross.

-A House For My Name, Peter Leithart.

-Confessions, Saint Augustine

-City Of God, Saint Augustine

Also, if you would like  a concise taste of Lent:

Drowned In Living Waters , Nicole de Martimprey.


2 thoughts on “Books And Such

  1. This looks wonderful! Nicely widdled. You are kind to have me on the list, though I’d feel much more comfortable with a lot of space between St. Augustine and me…

  2. Holy crap everyone! An author from the list posted a comment!

    Nicole, I was blessed by “And then it’s Holy Week. Blackness and agony enfold me as the assigned Readings cast all thought of my weak faith aside in the looming greatness of the Cross and Passion.”

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